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02 April 2009

Apez.auto-lease allowing "rate scaling"

Hey fellow residents :-)

Been a while since my last post on this blog, but RL has keeping me rather busy for the last weeks. Today I like to blog about a feature of the Apez auto-lease system which is yet undocumented but can be of great use for auto-lease owners.

The feature allows lease owners to give discounts on rents which can be used for promotions, special offers etc. In order to set a discount to a lease unit, go to your Apez.lease - spaces page and look for the rate field in the "bulk edit area" bellow your location(s) and unit(s).

The "rate" field in the "apply to selection" bullk-change area at the bottom of the lease.spaces page now accepts inputs such as "x2", "x.5", "+5", "-10", "/10" to adjust lease rates instead of specifying their value explicitly.

This means if you for example select 20 lease units from 1 location and enter +25, it will increase the rent for all units by 25L$. This is great if you have locations with different lease prices but want to increase all untis by 25L$. Rather then editing each one of them you only add the desired ammount with +xx.

It is also possible to give a 20% discount on all leases by using select 'All' and antering "x.8" into the rate field (or, for example, to increates rates by 10% you'd use "x1.1". In addition to multiplication "x" (or "*") it also understands addition, subtraction and division. So if you wanted to cut the lease price of all units by 25% during your promotion (or any other reason) you would enter x.75 which equals 75% of the normal lease price.

I try and port this info and a detailed "how-to" over to the Apez.wiki soon as I find the time for it. If you have any questions about the above feature and need help setting it up for your locations, don't hesitate to drop me a ticket through Apez.support.

Have fun testing this feature,
-Wise ;-)

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