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13 April 2009

Apez.realms - Leonis Plaza Grand Opening

Hi all,
we got a massive opening party coming up on the 15th. of April on Apez.realms! We have 3 great LIVE acts performing and be giving away gift certificates during the 3 hour event as well.

Event begins at 4pm SLT with Kristinahelene Teardrop (Formerly know as Therese Nightfire), then at 5pm SLT we have PM Bookmite and to end the festivities Quinton Diavolo!!! These are three performers you won't wanna miss - so get there early and get a good place to stand or dance!!!

Rentals are now available as well around Leonis Plaza and the rest of Apez.realms. Visit us ahead of the event if you're looking for a additional or new store location. You can also view all vacancies online on Apez.biz.

Here the slurl to Leonis Plaza.



Snap Spitteler said...

Just to let everyaone know the show turned out great!! We had over 45 Avatars at the event site 30 minutes into the first show:)
Will update ya on the next show,and it is planned already and will be at least as good;))

Wise said...

Ah shame I had to work at that time. I hope I can make it to the next one though. :-)

Can we have one on a SL time good for EU residents some time too?


Snap Spitteler said...


Yes i want that as well i left after the second act had started;(next time it will be earlier,and we will see how the turnout is:)