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15 March 2009

Ohh.. my last name actually means something

Wohooo, my SL name has a actually meaning to it... in Hebrew.

Penance ; atonement, forgiveness, absolution.

(Colloquial) forget it, it's not important
Reconciliation with misfortune in the hope that it will serve as penance

(Slang) my sweet, my darling

(Literally: my penance (as if to ward off the evil eye))
כפרות - expiation, Jewish folk custom during the days prior to the Day of Atonement to transfer one's sins to a chicken or to money given to charity

Big thanks to Kinadra for sending me this by IM :-)


08 March 2009

Integrating your product listings to your own site or blog

Hi all,
I have just been playing some with the Apez Developement API while I was doing some wiki editing.

What many Apez users don't know is, you can basically integrate many of the Apez services to your own website or blog. Using the API and Affiliate services you can even add your products to your site and allow your customers to buy them directly or through the payment processor (of course only if they have a Apez account).

If you scroll down a little and look at the right menu, you'll see a little test widget I have added to the Blog using the cross site EzBuy processor:

EzBuy is a simple cross-site payment and item delivery scheme where you put some special HTML form code or a URL link (described below) into your pages in order to provide a 'Buy' button or link for products. It could either be static HTML or dynamically generated HTML if you use server-side scripting to implement a shopping site.

This is actually the easiest way to link for example your latest product to your blog. All you need is a few lines of html code as explained here, add your product name, product ID and backlink URL's and you're ready to list your own products on your site.

Of course you can modify the code to add a preview image of your product, short description, rename the button and more. If you're experienced with web developement and LSL you can even create your own devices, tools and trackers using the Apez API.

I do some more testing soon, since I'm quite interested in "how much" you can actually add to a free blog or site with limited resources.

So stay tuned,

07 March 2009

It's weekend and the grid....

Hey all, are you ready for your SL weekend?

I sure hope you all, and get a few drinks, sit back and don't get frustrated. ;-)

Our friends at the Lab have completed the rolling restart as part of the LLNet transition to which we're all looking forward. Though, maybe end of the week is a bad time to do such a thing?

While we're all ready to hit the clubs, meet friends and go about our Second Life, the first issues have kicked in. I for one can't TP at all, get logged out on any TP request I accept, builds don't rez and I stay way clear of transacitons at the moment.

Let's hope the gird goes stable soon.
With now 80.000 users online - and certainly more on the way as the weekend starts in the US and other time zones.
Let's see how long this takes to show on the grid status page.;-)