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15 March 2009

Ohh.. my last name actually means something

Wohooo, my SL name has a actually meaning to it... in Hebrew.

Penance ; atonement, forgiveness, absolution.

(Colloquial) forget it, it's not important
Reconciliation with misfortune in the hope that it will serve as penance

(Slang) my sweet, my darling

(Literally: my penance (as if to ward off the evil eye))
כפרות - expiation, Jewish folk custom during the days prior to the Day of Atonement to transfer one's sins to a chicken or to money given to charity

Big thanks to Kinadra for sending me this by IM :-)



Anonymous said...

im happy you like it:)
love your blog, now i will have some good stuff to read at work.

Wise said...

I'm glad you like it Maya/Kinadra :-)
I wish I had more time to write at the moment but I get to it again a little more soon.

(Google told me to tell you to share your profile lol. After I clicked on your name that is) :-)