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03 January 2012

PokerStars Reversed Rake Structure Change

How is this for some positive news for PokerStars players?

After the massive uproar and attempted sit-out strike on PokerStars, during which a large number of palyers had restricitons put on their accounts, PokerStars issued an exclusive statement to PokerStrategy.com announcing that they have reversed the rake structure change back to the "dealt hands" structure.

Here is a quote of the statement posted on PokerStrategy:

02 January 2012

PokerStars weighted-contributed rake causes player uproar

So, I think today PokerStars, or PokerShait as I like to call them, has finally hit the tops of being the most ridiculous online poker site out there.

As some of you know I haven't played on their site out of principals since black friday last year. If you still ask yourself "why?" the answer is simple.

PokerStars was involved in money laundering and operating outside of their leagal boundaries just the same as FullTilt and UB were. The only difference between PokerStars and the other sites was that PokerStars was smart enough to keep those funds seperate from their other operational funds which allowed them, after cutting a deal with the DoJ, to return all balances on their site to US based players. Apart from that PokerStars was just as much involved in criminal activities as the other sites were.

Then, a few weeks ago, PokerStars announced that they would make changes to their rake system by introducing "weighted-contributed" rake on January 1st. What this translates to is "the looser you play and the more pots you enter, the more VIP points you'll receive" or in other words "play like a donk, loose your money but hey, we give you points for it."