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30 January 2011

VBS Worlds Demos Available

Bohemia Interactive Simulations and Caspian Learning are proud to launch two new demos of VBSWorlds highlighting the immense potential of self authored theatre responsive training simulations.

Join the RockPoker Club

The RockPoker Club is a small online community of texas hold'em fans who meet online to play poker. As a member you can exchange your poker experience with other players and compete in league based tournaments, on your way to the top of the leaderboard. Who knows, you could be RockPoker's first "Bounty Hunter" for archiving the most player knock-out's in one season.

29 January 2011

Solo Saxophone on progressive House Music

How is this for a Sax Player?? Enjoy... ;-)

Hestia Charity Album Release!

Press Release:

23rd January Independent singer / songwriter Surianne releases Hestia’s charity single ‘Stronger Than Before’, with all proceeds going to ‘Hestia Housing and Support’. To coincide with the charity’s 40th anniversary, up and coming artist Surianne was selected as Hestia’s single of choice to help raise awareness and funds for the London based charity.

‘Stronger Than Before’ is a moving story about picking up the shattered pieces and rebuilding one’s life. It is an emotional response perhaps provoked by a series of events, both good and bad, experienced by the songwriter. A powerful journey of self discovery and self confidence that through lyrics and music, beautifully describes the process of believing in ones self again.

19 January 2011

Parted from Apez.biz...

I thought I'd write a few lines to comment about the closure of Apez.biz.

After not being active in SL for almost 2 years now I've found that I still receive contact messages regarding Apez support, Apez products etc. Though I've updated my in-world profile along time ago, I do still receive notecards, messages or objects from residents.

At the moment I'm undecided if I will ever go back to SL. So please don't try contacting me via SL. You can always contact me via twitter as the chances I will reply are much higher. Or even via this blog...

As for Apez... It's sad to see that Cenji has to close down Apez.
The actual infrastructure he has created over the years, and it's products, have been leading the way for many other content designers you would find today in SL. Hopefully Cenji will be able to find a SL company, or individual, to take over the entire project. It would be a shame to see it all die like this.

Now, what will become of the former SLCI products which had been merged with Apez 2 years ago?

I have discussed this with Snap, who used to be my partner with SLCI and who has worked a long time along Apez as well. We're undecided if we'll continue the products (control-demon, textures, building tools etc). Neither one of us really has the time to maintain and update the products or to provide customer support.

I will make another post regarding the SLCI related Apez products in the next days.

Best Regards,