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06 April 2009

Display your Second Life status on your Blog

Oh another blog post in one day,
Wow.. getting the hang of this it seems :-)

Checking my "google reader" I came past a blog post Peter Stindberg just posted on his blog Second Stindberg:

AjaxLife developer Katharine Berry has developed an interesting web-service that allows you to share your Second Life online status on your blog or webpage. There are three ways how you can display the online status, all described at avstatus.kathar.in.

I totally love this and a big thanks to Katharine for writing this.

I'll have to play with this code after work since I wanted to have a online/offline status indicator on the blog for a while. However, I didn't want to use the available trackers you get from other service providers which make you register again for another site. So this comes in very handy imho.


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