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20 April 2009

Akeyo - Motion Capture Animations and more...

Hey all,
where do you shop for your animations, sneakers and other underground designs? Well, I get my stuff usually at Akeyo's main store.

Here you'll find some of SL's hottest motion capture dance animations, AO's, chucks, sneakers, sculpted hoodies and a lot more.

Head over to Akeyo now and check it out!


Second Life Quickstart Guide

Hi all,
I just came across this post on Torley Lindens Blog.

You can now download the "Second Life Quickstart Guide" which has been created to make the life of new residents easier. The guide contains 7 pages explaining the basic SL user interface, the pie-menu, how to move in SL and much more.

Second Life Quickstart Guide

18 April 2009

Resident Choice Award Winners Announced!

Hi all,
over the last 2 weeks residents been given the chance to vote for their favorite locations, scripter, animator, club etc. in Second Life. Today Linden Lab released the results of the award.

We didn't make it easy for you and still over 6000 Residents filled out ballots for the Resident Choice Awards and told us all who their favorite DJ and designers were and where to find the best dance floors and makeout nooks. All the results are ready now and include ballots cast from the English, French, and German speaking communities. We had a little last minute trouble getting the Japanese characters properly uploaded so translated results will be available early next week. Right now they're in English.

You can view the winners on the Secondlife.com website.

Congrats to all winners, well done!

13 April 2009

Apez.realms - Leonis Plaza Grand Opening

Hi all,
we got a massive opening party coming up on the 15th. of April on Apez.realms! We have 3 great LIVE acts performing and be giving away gift certificates during the 3 hour event as well.

Event begins at 4pm SLT with Kristinahelene Teardrop (Formerly know as Therese Nightfire), then at 5pm SLT we have PM Bookmite and to end the festivities Quinton Diavolo!!! These are three performers you won't wanna miss - so get there early and get a good place to stand or dance!!!

Rentals are now available as well around Leonis Plaza and the rest of Apez.realms. Visit us ahead of the event if you're looking for a additional or new store location. You can also view all vacancies online on Apez.biz.

Here the slurl to Leonis Plaza.


09 April 2009

New Second Life Blog Syndicator

Hi all,
In the last 1-2 weeks I've come along a lot of posts on the Xstreet forum of people sharing blog url's.

This is some great community spirit and it's nice to see that
Just Dinkin picked up on the idea by putting together a blog syndicator for Second Life related blogs.

Adding your own blog only takes 1-2 minutes and all you need to enter is your avatar name, edmail address, blog name, blog url and that's it.

To submit your own blog
follow this link.

-Wise ;-)

06 April 2009

Display your Second Life status on your Blog

Oh another blog post in one day,
Wow.. getting the hang of this it seems :-)

Checking my "google reader" I came past a blog post Peter Stindberg just posted on his blog Second Stindberg:

AjaxLife developer Katharine Berry has developed an interesting web-service that allows you to share your Second Life online status on your blog or webpage. There are three ways how you can display the online status, all described at avstatus.kathar.in.

I totally love this and a big thanks to Katharine for writing this.

I'll have to play with this code after work since I wanted to have a online/offline status indicator on the blog for a while. However, I didn't want to use the available trackers you get from other service providers which make you register again for another site. So this comes in very handy imho.


Apez.demo-rezzer youtube video

Hi all,
bellow you'll find a little youtube video Snap made as tutorial for our Apez.demo-rezzer. This is his first tutorial video, so excuse the quality. In the near future we plan to release more videos so that using our products gets easier also for the non experienced SL users.

The Apez demo-rezzer kit for prefabs allows you to show your creations to potential buyers on a designated demo area. Your customers can rez and walk through your buildings and view them before buying one.

Setting up the demo rezzer is similar to the usage of our building rez-system or other "boxing tools". If you like to learn more about how the rezzer works, please view the rezzers Apez.wiki page for detailed information.



02 April 2009

Apez.auto-lease allowing "rate scaling"

Hey fellow residents :-)

Been a while since my last post on this blog, but RL has keeping me rather busy for the last weeks. Today I like to blog about a feature of the Apez auto-lease system which is yet undocumented but can be of great use for auto-lease owners.

The feature allows lease owners to give discounts on rents which can be used for promotions, special offers etc. In order to set a discount to a lease unit, go to your Apez.lease - spaces page and look for the rate field in the "bulk edit area" bellow your location(s) and unit(s).

The "rate" field in the "apply to selection" bullk-change area at the bottom of the lease.spaces page now accepts inputs such as "x2", "x.5", "+5", "-10", "/10" to adjust lease rates instead of specifying their value explicitly.

This means if you for example select 20 lease units from 1 location and enter +25, it will increase the rent for all units by 25L$. This is great if you have locations with different lease prices but want to increase all untis by 25L$. Rather then editing each one of them you only add the desired ammount with +xx.

It is also possible to give a 20% discount on all leases by using select 'All' and antering "x.8" into the rate field (or, for example, to increates rates by 10% you'd use "x1.1". In addition to multiplication "x" (or "*") it also understands addition, subtraction and division. So if you wanted to cut the lease price of all units by 25% during your promotion (or any other reason) you would enter x.75 which equals 75% of the normal lease price.

I try and port this info and a detailed "how-to" over to the Apez.wiki soon as I find the time for it. If you have any questions about the above feature and need help setting it up for your locations, don't hesitate to drop me a ticket through Apez.support.

Have fun testing this feature,
-Wise ;-)