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Hi all,
I'm creating a new page here to post all my cocktail recepies. The cocktails I've posted in the past are getting a little lost in the blog archive (accessable from the blogs right menu). To make it easier to browse all cocktail recepies, I'll create a little recepie book here over the weeks to come. Setup your cocktail station meanwhile... ;)

Preparing your Cocktail Station:


Bellow you find a list of the items that need to be prepared on a daily base for your cocktail station. All bottles are to be labeled with the date a puree was made and the date it's to be used. The same applies for lemon & lime juice and all other ingredients.


  • Check if you still have enough Monin lime sirup with glove . If not, get a fresh bottle and fill it to the top with glove from the kitchen.
  • Prepare 1 Bottle of fresh lime juice and 1 small bottle fresh lemon juice
  • Strawberry Puree: Fill blender with fresh strawberries and add 1/3 bottle of Monin Strawberry Sirup and blend it well.
  • Sugar Sirup: Desolve 1Kg of white sugar in 750ml of warm/hot water. Leave it out to cool down before using it.
  • Ginger Puree: ½ ginger root + 2 shots of lime and lemon juice, blend well.
  • Cut enough limes, lemons, pineapple and oranges to get you through the day.
  • Check if you have enough cream, joghurt, fruits, straws etc to get you over the day. 

  • No free pouring! Exact measures are to be used at all times.
  • No change in ingredients at any time.
  • The freshness of all ingredients is the responsibility of the person on duty.
  • Fruits and condoments are to be prepared in the morning and re-filled throughout the day.
  • In case you're running low on ingredients contact your manager or inform the kitchen in time to order the fruits and herbs you need for your work.
  • Check at the start of your shift if any puree's, sirups or other fruits need to be used that day and set your happy hour drinks or „cocktail of the day“ according to this.

Keep in mind that you're now dealing with „food“ products behind the bar. This means that it is your job to ensure they are fresh and of good quality at all times. All fruits and other items are to be handled in a hygenic way and please wash your hands every time before you handle any fruits.