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20 April 2009

Second Life Quickstart Guide

Hi all,
I just came across this post on Torley Lindens Blog.

You can now download the "Second Life Quickstart Guide" which has been created to make the life of new residents easier. The guide contains 7 pages explaining the basic SL user interface, the pie-menu, how to move in SL and much more.

Second Life Quickstart Guide

1 comment:

Kristopher Quandry said...

Great blog! I recently started a site just for my Second Life info. although my site revolves around a bit more mature content, since I hang out primarily at a voice escort club (Eden's Sin).
It is not meant to be offensive in any way.
I was wondering if I could link your blog to my site? I like showing everyone what others are up to in SL.
My site is kquandry.com and my in world name is Kristopher Quandry.
Let me know if this is alright.