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16 April 2012

EU Poker League Season 3

EU Poker League at Lock Poker
In other news.. The EU Poker League has joined forces with Lock Poker for their third season kicking off this weekend. There is again over $500 in cash and merchandise up for grabs in season 3 and the tournament schedule has been announced on the weekend.

To celebrate the new partnership with Lock Poker the EUPL has received a complete new skin to go in hand with Lock and personally I think the site looks awesome! Now you'll say "Of course you do, you skinned it" to which I'd reply "Yes I did" - Shameless plug. ;)

However, I invite you to head over the the EUPL website to join the EUPL Grinders for their third season...and before you ask, yes the EUPL is open to ALL grinders from around the world inclusive US players since the EUPL has no Frontiers!

I belive that there has never been a better time to join Lock Poker and get the most out of it. The league is just positive expected value given the size of the field and there is a $750 welcome bonus at Lock using the bonus code LOCK150.

On top of that players receive daily rakeback when reaching any VIP level starting at 10% rakeback for White VIP for which you only need to grind up 1,000 points per month. I've played about 8 days on Lock now and only need another 380 before the end of the month and to be honest, I didn't play as much as I used to do.

Finally the LOCKOPS Tournament Series is starting at Lock on May 6th with over $2 million in guarantees plus 2 WSOP Main Event Seats up for grabs. Head over to the EU Poker League site for details about LOCKOPS and to view the full torunament schedule.

Run good at the tables,
HammerMan ;)

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