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20 April 2011

PokerGob.com Partners with new 3D Poker Site

Hey guys,
some exciting news on PokerGob and the GobForum. PokerGob has partnered up with Betsharks.com - a brand new 3D Poker Site. Now, this has been in the works for a long time and the recent "Black Friday" events made all of us on PokerGob run very scared about the hard work running into cold water.

However, it's all good and it's now official that PokerGob joined forces with Betsharks. Now, what does it mean? Well for one, our new league will run exclusive on Betsharks.com with great spcecials and prizes coming up! We're hoping that we'll be able to have our first "firendly" tournaments by the end of this week. All Gobheadz are welcome to join the first tournament on the new site. Please check out the GobForum for details.

There is so much more to say.. but I haven't been sleeping much after doing all the updates on the PokerGob to reflect the new partnership. However, I posted a lot more info already on the GobForum - so head over there to find out more. One thing I need to add though.


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