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15 April 2011

PKR Promo - Aces Cracked and 7-2 offsuit Win

PKR - Let's Play, one of my favorite poker sites annonced a special promotion for this weekend.

"Get your Aces Cracked" and receive a $50 bonus or take down a pot with 72 offsuit to claim a cash reward. Both challenges are very tempting and I guess I'll be doing my grind on PKR this weekend. I'll be playing the PokerGob "Enter the Matrix" tournaments of course. But besides that, PKR sounds like a plan to get a few extra $'s into my bankroll.

72 Promotion:
The hallmark of a truly great player is their ability to win with any two cards - so we're giving you a challenge as cheeky as it is rewarding. Take down any qualifying pot between now and midnight Sunday with 7-2 off-suit (AKA: 'the hammer') and you can claim an extra cash prize worth 5 times the big blind!

Aces Cracked Promotion:
Is there anything more exciting than peeling up pocket Aces? How about knowing you'll get paid even if you lose?! If your Aces don't take down the hand at showdown in any hold 'em ring game before midnight Sunday we'll give you up to $50*.

Head over to PKR - Let's Play! for more info!

Good luck at the tables!

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