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04 April 2011

Poker Site - PKR - Let's play!

Hi guys, on my constant mission of finding the perfect grind I've recently gave "PKR – Let's play!" a swing. I wasn't to sure if I would like a 3D poker software with people making all sorts of funny animations and cheers… but – I DO!.

I have to admit that I like the site a lot. The idea of customising your player, showing your emotions on the table (or the emotions you want other players to "read") and the large range of room designs got me hooked.

After I had downloaded PKR I decided to do a small $25 deposit, which is the lowest you can do. With my deposit I grabbed another $10 instant bonus and also received several freeroll tickets. A couple aint worth playing but I've got 5 $500 freeroll tickets and one $1000 freeroll ticket I may use if I feel like playing for several hours for a chance to win a few hundred $'s.

My main focus, as always, is the micro cash grind and I love it on PKR. The last time I played I had about 4 players go on tilt in an 3 hour sessions just shoving their chips into the pot. All of them either badly over betting the pot to steal, or just cheap bluffers. My bankroll loves it and I've doubled up by now with only a few hours played.

I've also tried a couple of SnG's on there and …woop… shipped a couple and went 2nd. in the remaining ones. I think I didn't make it "in the money" in only 2 out of 10. Same again, loads of very loose play.

It all reminds me a lot of Second Life which I used to play a few years ago. Maybe that's why it got me hooked. But I think it's more the $ aspect that makes me like it so much. To be honest, I mainly play on 888poker and PKR now and I'm a little bored playing on PokerStars. So join me for a bash on PKR if you like…

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