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19 April 2011

Poker Site PKR reassures legality of their operations

If you haven't heard about the online poker worlds "black friday" yet, you've missed some dramatic news over the weekend. The US DoJ has shut down operations of major poker sites and seized their domains. See my other blogs for more info.

The above events have have lead to poker players from around the world running scared about their bankrolls and placing withdrawl requests to get their bankrolls out. This also affects sites not pursued by the DoJ indictment. Personally I think players are over reacting. Poker sites like PKR - Let's Play or 888poker have clearly stayed out of the US market, not allowing US residents to play on their cash tables.

PKR released a statement today to reassure their clients that their funds are save and that it will be business as usual for all PKR players. The indictment on PokerStars and Full Tilt does not affect PKR at all apart from a lot of new users registering now, after they've lost confidence in "the big guns" of the online poker world.

PKR_Danski posted on PKR:

We'd like to reiterate that, as we've never accepted US players at our Real Money tables, we do not anticipate any negative impact from these recent developments. Thanks to our current position, our players may continue to play at PKR with complete confidence that we are one of the few operators without any history of exposure to the US market and its present uncertainties. Players should also be aware that their funds are ring-fenced - held in separate accounts - for total protection, meaning you can have complete confidence in the security of your funds and your future with us.

PKR's unique 3D software and vibrant poker community, certainly make PKR one of the favorites choices for players looking for a "new grind". The dynamic atmosphere around the PKR tables and the large joice on games and freerolls has made PKR my prefered grind besides my daily sessions at 888poker.

Head over to PKR now to give it a try and claim an instant $10 bonus and a bunch of tickets to their $500 and $1000 member freerolls. I had to "force" some of my poker buddies to join me on there! Though there has been reservations in the beginning, they are all loving it now. It's simply one of the best grinds you can get rolling at the moment.


Anonymous said...

I would but I cant get rakeback on my account!

WiseCapra said...

Check out the "Betsharks" link on my blog. This might get you back on the grind in case you're shut out atm.