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07 March 2009

It's weekend and the grid....

Hey all, are you ready for your SL weekend?

I sure hope you all, and get a few drinks, sit back and don't get frustrated. ;-)

Our friends at the Lab have completed the rolling restart as part of the LLNet transition to which we're all looking forward. Though, maybe end of the week is a bad time to do such a thing?

While we're all ready to hit the clubs, meet friends and go about our Second Life, the first issues have kicked in. I for one can't TP at all, get logged out on any TP request I accept, builds don't rez and I stay way clear of transacitons at the moment.

Let's hope the gird goes stable soon.
With now 80.000 users online - and certainly more on the way as the weekend starts in the US and other time zones.
Let's see how long this takes to show on the grid status page.;-)


1 comment:

Wise said...

I actually thought I would be able to do some work today in SL. But you ever seen this?

"Wiseguy Capra Unable to create item df4337e0-6847-2033-fbbf-1ef92d3ed6ca that has caused problems on this region"

My NC's don't save either... :-)