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27 February 2009

Classifieds don't show in "all" search

Yeah well, what sort of month was this then?

Earlier this month, parcel descriptions in SL kept being capped. The reason is a bug in the current SL server version which randomly deleted everything in your parcel description in a new line (after a [enter]).This of course made traffic numbers go down, lowered search ranking and basically residents can't find you, since your keywords are not in search.

Shortly after a massive load of Xstreet delivery errors kicked in.
What happened was, merchants received a "delivery error message" for a failed purchase and the customer wasn't charged but in many cases received the product. Lucky enough Xstreet staff can now access resident inventories and check if the items are there or not. However, this has never happened since I use Xstreet which has always been a great marketplace to me.

Since all them issues are not enough, Xstreet changed the "session live-time" when you login to the site. For the ones amongst use who are actually pretty active on their forum this means, you have to constantly login again every time you receive a post notification for a forum topic reply.

The login wouldn't even be the problem. The thing is, if you click on a email link, login to Xstreet.. you end up on the "my account" page and you're not re-directed to the actual target.
So you tab back out of your browser, bring up your email client again just to click on the link again so you can follow the topic (or whatever you do).

Finally, today is friday and the last day of this buggy month... paid in-world classifieds don't show in the SL search since today in the morning (GMT). Now don't get me wrong, we're not talking about classifieds from the "classifieds tab". We're talking about the "paid classifieds" you would see on the right side when searching under "All" or online on search.secondlife.com.

Sorry LL, but get a grip.. it's weekend, the customers are out shopping and people have thousands of L$'s in classifieds not showing up. I checked for our top keywords and I'm not very happy with the results. Anyway, I thought I share this, so share it with others...


1 comment:

Wise said...

Now after I finally decided to blog about it, and saved it, classifieds are showing again in the search (lol).

Here is a good link to a topic on xstreet about this: