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25 February 2009

Got the style sorted :-)


1st. day of my private blogging day is over and it was fun. Got the style fixed up a little and are quite pleased with the result. Took me a few hours but I think this is it... :-)

I added a google calendar iframe to the right.
Shows Apez and the LL grid status when selected. I think I will make better use of the Apez calendar this way. :-)

I also added my google ready to the bottom, but not atisfied with the result. I wonder if there is a hack for blogger.com so that posts like the one bellow are capped with a "read more" option. Got a little carried away on that first post which made it quite long :-)

Anyone know of a widget to import my twitter timeline?


1 comment:

Wise said...

Foudn the twitter widget. sure wasnt easy to find :-)