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26 February 2009

Configure iVend vendor's with "tags"...

Hey all,
today I'll write about a Apez.iVend vending system feature, most merchants don't know even exists.

Since the release of iVend 2.3 it is possible to create affiliate vendors and pass this vendors to other avatars. In order for your resale vendors to work for your affiliate, the collection & product names are stored in the vendors object description when you configure them on Apez.biz. Now, once you save the configuration, the system sends your settings to the vendor in-world and stores the information to the vendors object description.

In order to quick-config your vendors, or affiliate vendors from in-world, all you need is your collection names and product names. Note, the shorter and logical your collection- / product names are, the easier it is for you to config vendors by editing the object description.

The "tag" for the vendor description looks like this:
prodcut name from collection name by merchant name

Note, you should always avoid using from and by in your collection or product names. It can mess up your affiliate vendor config since both words are used to fetch the vendor setting from the database.


Here some samples setting up vendors with tags.
I've added some Apez.tags under each line for better understanding.

Single prim vendor:
product name from collection name by merchant name

Apez.tools control-demon (builders edition) from apez.tools by ApezProducts Engineer

This will assign 1 product from 1 collection ''by avatar name'' to your vendor. The tag "by merchant name" is only required for affiliate vendors. If you're planing to use this vendor yourself, you only need to add product name from collection name to the vendor description.

Multi-panel vendor:
coll:collection name (merchant name) coll:2nd collection name (merchant name)

coll:Apez.textures (ApezProducts Engineer) coll:Apez.tools (ApezProducts Engineer)

This setup will assign 2 collections to any multi-panel vendor.
Including the (merchant name) behind the collection name allows you to give a copy of the vendor to other residents for resale. If you only planing on using this vendors yourself, you only need is:

coll:collection name coll:collection name in your vendor description.

Once you configured your first affiliate vendor, simply right-click it and select '''take copy'''. This will create a copy of the pre-configured vendor in your inventory. Repeat this step for all products you want to create affiliate vendors with, then box them up and put them on sale or give them to your friends.

Related: Apez.wiki - How-to setup affiliate vendors

Have fun playing with this,

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