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03 January 2012

PokerStars Reversed Rake Structure Change

How is this for some positive news for PokerStars players?

After the massive uproar and attempted sit-out strike on PokerStars, during which a large number of palyers had restricitons put on their accounts, PokerStars issued an exclusive statement to PokerStrategy.com announcing that they have reversed the rake structure change back to the "dealt hands" structure.

Here is a quote of the statement posted on PokerStrategy:

"In summary we still believe that the proposed rake system taken as a whole would result in a more balanced and fair rake system for players. However, given that players have responded so negatively to this change, which also has a cost to PokerStars due to the reduced rake, we felt that the best course of action is to cancel the change." ~ PokerStars representative Steve Day

"We will work with player representatives on a better rake system later this month.  We hope to agree on a rake structure that will benefit a majority of players, both professional and recreational."

Read the full article on PokerStrategy.com

All I have to say to this is, well done players!

The reversal of the weighted-contributed rake structure shows how much power players do have when getting organised. Don't take everything for granted the sites try to put on you. The players, from micro to high stakes grinders are the bread and butter of the sites and I'm pleased to see that the actions taken by the PokerStars players lead to this result!

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