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29 May 2011

Cocktail - Passion Fruit Chili Mint Margarita

Today's cocktail is definitely one of my favorites and I higly recommend giving this a try. If you like passion fruit, the taste of refreshing mint with a tickle of spice, then this is the cocktail you been looking for. Depending on how spicy you like it you can vary the amount of chilli you use when mixing this up.

Add ½ chilli and 1 cl fresh lime juice to your highball glass or tumbler and squash it well. Leave it to settle and pour the following to your blender which contains the ice:

4 cl White Tequilla
3 cl Triple Sec
3 cl Monin Passion Sirup
3 cl Fresh Lime Juice
1 Small hand of mint leaves

Blend all ingreidents well and pour back to small tumbler. The Margarita needs to be slush like a frozen Daiquiri. Garnish with some lime & mint, cut straws and serve. For a light twist in taste you could add a splash of ginger puree to the mix. Tastes lovely!

25 May 2011

Cocktail - Sex on the Beach

As per a special request I've decided to put the famous Sex on the Beach up today. Certainly one of the most popular cocktails around the world and the perfect summer drink.

Fill a big tumbler with ice and add:

4cl Smirnoff Vodka
3cl Archers (Peach Shnaps)
1cl Casis
Fill with Orange Juice and shake well.

Pour back to tumbler and top up with Granbery Juice, garnish with a slice of orange or lime and some fresh mint leave.

Enjoy this lovely drink but don't stay in the sun after a couple of those!! ;)

15 May 2011

Double Points on PKR this Weekend

More great reasons to check out PKR this month... 

This weekend PKR is offering you double PKR Points on every hand played in real money ring games during these happy hours: Friday 18:00-19:00 GMT, Saturday 18:00-19:00 GMT and Sunday 12:00-14:00 GMT. That's great news because you can spend PKR Points on cool PKR merchandise in the PKR Shop, buy tournament tickets or choose from a huge range of in-game gear.

This is your chance to get started on PKR with your instant or first deposit bonusand make the points you need to release your bonus quicker.

12 May 2011

Play at the PKR Live in London

PKR - Let's Play! is getting ready for their PKR Live Even VI.

Located at the Fox Club in the heart of London’s West End, PKR Live VI will be a single $1,220 (£750) buy-in Main Event that will run over the weekend of Thursday, 19 May until Sunday 22, May. The prizepool is estimated to reach $300,000 with a healthy five-figure payout for the top finishers - making PKR Live VI the stand alone dominant event in the capital for May.

PKR offers two great ways to win your seat at PKR Live VI. You can choose to buy-in directly to for $1,220 or satellite into from $6.60. Alternatively there is also the package route which gives you the chance to win a seat plus $610 towards expenses. Satellites for this start from just $2.10.

Join me on PKR - Download the free 3D poker software now and enter the satellites for your chance to win a package to the PKR Live VI.

01 May 2011

PokerGob Launches New US Friendly Poker League

PokerGob - "Your Mouth of Poker" announced the launch of their new US player friendly poker league. The poker league is the latest addition to PokerGob.com who is known for their up to date poker news and their live poker show, every Wednesday at 10pm EST.

PokerGob BBQ-Time League – May 2011

We're starting into our first season just in time to get you all on the grind while you're out there heating up your BBQ's. Hence, we've decided to name our first season The PokerGob BBQ-Time League. The whole season is themed around BBQ's, throwing some burgers on and having fun with the rest of the GobHead grinders.

To celebrate the launch of the PokerGob League there is some cool prices up for grabs. $25 added to the prize pool of every tournament and there is a bounty on a players head in their first tournament. If you knock out the bounty player you'll receive this exclusive PokerGob "Major League Shark" t-shirt featured on the PokerGob League Page.

The best ranking player on the leaderboard by the end of May will also receive a full professional version of Hold'em Manager courtesy of HoldemManager.com

Head over to PokerGob.com's League Page now for details.