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01 May 2011

PokerGob Launches New US Friendly Poker League

PokerGob - "Your Mouth of Poker" announced the launch of their new US player friendly poker league. The poker league is the latest addition to PokerGob.com who is known for their up to date poker news and their live poker show, every Wednesday at 10pm EST.

PokerGob BBQ-Time League – May 2011

We're starting into our first season just in time to get you all on the grind while you're out there heating up your BBQ's. Hence, we've decided to name our first season The PokerGob BBQ-Time League. The whole season is themed around BBQ's, throwing some burgers on and having fun with the rest of the GobHead grinders.

To celebrate the launch of the PokerGob League there is some cool prices up for grabs. $25 added to the prize pool of every tournament and there is a bounty on a players head in their first tournament. If you knock out the bounty player you'll receive this exclusive PokerGob "Major League Shark" t-shirt featured on the PokerGob League Page.

The best ranking player on the leaderboard by the end of May will also receive a full professional version of Hold'em Manager courtesy of HoldemManager.com

Head over to PokerGob.com's League Page now for details.

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