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08 December 2011

Cocktail - Basil and Edelflower Collin

Today we're going to make ourself a nice and refreshing "Basil and Edelflower Cocktail". Normally you would need some edelflower lemonade to make this but if you can't get your hands on it, some Fanta Lemon will do the trick too.

Fill a big tumbler to the top with ice and add:

5 Basil leaves
5 cl Smirnoff Vodka
2 cl Sugar Sirup
2 ½ cl Fresh Lime Juice

I recomment making your own fresh lime juice instead of uisng industrial produced juice. You and your friends will appreciate the difference and freshness.

Shake the whole mix well, pour back to your tumbler and top it up with Fanta Lemon. Garnish with a slice of lime and a basil leave and serve with cocktail straws or cut straws.

That's it, enjoy your cocktail!

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