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18 July 2011

Poker Player Academy Pre-launch Update

The Poker Player Academy has released their new pre-launch campaign and landing page. The new PPA landing page includes a new promotional video and detailed information about the Poker Player Academy, the people involved and all the cool things to come including pro poker lessions with Scotty Nguyen, Antonio Esfandiari, Kathy Liebert and Blair Rodman. Keep your eyes on the Poker Player Academy Pre-launch Page and be one of the first to benefit from the new landing page.

PPA Poker Lessions:
Member lessons are stored in your own personal library and can be viewed and reviewed at your leisure. Lessons cost $15 for members and a massive 66% of this goes back into the Poker Player Academy network for affiliate commissions and tournament prize pools.

PPA Affiliates:
Poker Player Academy works with all their affiliates to ensure members have all the information and tools required to maximize their opportunity. The PPA secured exclusive access in the industry to DittoTalk, a software tool designed to enable anyone to give the most professional presentation. Members will be empowered to share an amazing interactive multi media experience to assist in recruiting new team members. It will be hard for anyone to say no once they have experienced this first hand!

For more inormation head over to the new Poker Player Academy Pre-launch Page.

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