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01 March 2011

PokerStars - Sunday 1/4 Million played

Ohh YES!

I've managed to finish 262nd. of 36381 players in the PokerStars 1/4 million tournament past sunday. I'm very pleased with this result. Specially as I tried to unregister from the tournament for about 30 minutes, which didn't work due to some issues with the PokerStars software. So it kinda "forced" me to play the tournament which was a very good thing...thanks PokerStars! ;-)

After the tournament was stuck for aprox. 30 minutes it basically started with blinds at 25/50 just before going up to 30/60. This caused some very weird play by a lot of players as everybody seemed very desperate to get them chips in. However, I kept back and I belive I've never played so tight in my life. At one point I was able to build up my stack to just under 300k, which again allowed me to sit back and wait for top draws to continue.

One of my best hands in the tournament must have been this hand.
Taking down the pot of 219804 with pocket KQ and 6669A on the board. Yes, I won the hand with A kicker vs. Bl4ckPeteR's J5. I still wonder why he called me. Just a few hands later I finally got booted out of the tournament with pocket KA of clubs vs. A4 of diamonds. Bl4ckPeteR winning the pot of 176.038 by hitting two pairs, sixes and fours. The usually only gobble which pissed me off a wee bit. You can reply the hand here.

All in all I'm very happy with the result and I'm now looking forward to next sunday. Gonna try and qualify for the PokerStars 5th. Anniversary of the Sunday Million Tournament. Amazing 5 Million guaranteed prize pool, 1 Million guaranteed for the player finishing 1st. plus a shiny Lamborgini Galado...yes please! ;-)


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