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30 January 2011

Join the RockPoker Club

The RockPoker Club is a small online community of texas hold'em fans who meet online to play poker. As a member you can exchange your poker experience with other players and compete in league based tournaments, on your way to the top of the leaderboard. Who knows, you could be RockPoker's first "Bounty Hunter" for archiving the most player knock-out's in one season.
Do you like to play poker with friends?
Then join our little Home Games poker club.
Using PokerStars new "Home Games" feature you can now compete in poker clubs using the worlds largest online poker platform to play with your friends online.

Joining the RockPoker Club is easy to setup, a lot of fun and it's free!
We play mainly play money tournaments in an efford to reach the top of the leaderboard. Though the club does have real money ring tables and a weekly "micro" cash money tournament, in general most games are play money events.

Want to learn more or give it a swing?
See RockPokerClub.com for more information.
You can also follow us and like our faceboook page.

See you there,

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