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02 March 2012

WSOP 2012 Satellite Grind on PartyPoker

Been a while since my last blog but I guess today is a good reason to write a quick entry. The WSOP 2012 is coming up and today I headed over to PartyPoker to check out the Qualifying Structure for their WSOP Satellites.

I started grinding out their $9 Sub Qualifier Speed for a seat to the $75 Satellite Qualifier which satellites into the $750 WSOP Satellite Tournament to STAP at one of the $14,000 WSOP 2012 Packages.

Yeah I know sounds like a Satellite to Satellite to Satelllite to enter a Satellite, but it's actually not that bad. It's only 2 steps to the $750 tourney which seems very doable.

The $9 Sub Qualifier Speed appears to me to be the tournament with the best expected value and ROI. The field is (still) pretty small and with a 3k starting stack the 5min blinds aren't to bad to cope with.

I bubbled the first one with only 28 players enrolled and managed to come 5th in the second with 56 players. The 5th paid $16,80 so I almost broke even which is pretty cool and I'm happy with that.