I've created this blog a few years back to keep track of my online life, the things happening in online games and my social networks.

These days you'll find my cocktail recepies here, poker news, my online poker tails, big boats, bad beats and brags about my life as a low stakes cash grinder and tournament player.

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23 June 2011

PKR Super Series

Get a daily dose of MTT fun in the PKR Super Series.

There’s an estimated $125,000 plus exclusive Super Series bracelets to play for across ten exciting events. The action kicks off this Friday at 18:00 GMT with buy-ins starting at just $8.40. Let’s play... 

 If the 2011 WSOP has got you licking your lips at the prospect of playing some tournament poker of your own – then look no further than the PKR Super Series! New players receive an instant $10 welcome bonus for just playing one raked hand by using the bonus code INSTANT. Download PKR today and start your journey into an amazing 3D online poker world.

Super Series Tournament Schedule:

Date Time Buy-in Event
Fri, 24 June 18:00 $22 $12,000 EXP Super Series Deeper & Steeper
Sat, 25 June 18:00 $22 $12,000 EXP Super Series Deep Stack (6 seater)
Sun, 26 June 18:00 $22 $14,000 EXP Super Series Extra (4 seater)
Mon, 27 June 18:00 $8.40 $10,000 EXP Super Series Re-buy
Tue, 28 June 18:00 $16.50 $10,000 EXP Super Series Turbo Triple Chance
Wed, 29 June 18:00 $22 $10,000 EXP Super Series Bounty
Thu, 30 June 18:00 $22 $10,000 EXP Super Series Just Antes (6 seater)
Fri, 1 July 18:00 $22 $10,000 EXP Super Series Speed
Sat, 2 July 18:00 $22 $6,000 EXP Super Series PLO
Sun, 3 July 18:00 $35 $35,000 EXP NLH Super Series Main Event

20 June 2011

PKR Social Poker Network Launched

Hi all,
I've got a little bored in the last couple of days so I came up with a new site, once again. I've created a social networking site for everything related to online poker, PKR -Let's Play and PokerGob.

The site looks and feels pretty much as you would be used to from facebook. The difference is that this network is focused just on poker - not necessarily just PKR and PokerGob but anything that has to do with online poker, live poker and poker players.

Member can create their own groups, write blogs, share pictures and videos and much more. Best thing is of course, it's free and always will be free.

Head over to the PKR Poker Player Network now and check it out!

19 June 2011

Mark Knopfler and Eric Clapton - Layla Live

One of the best performances ever by Eric Clapton supported by Dire Straits legend Mark Knopfler.

Happy Father's Day!

17 June 2011

PKR - 50% Off Tournament Buy-in this Sunday

The online poker site PKR - Let's Play! has announced that they have reduced buy-in to their most popular tournaments this Sunday! This Sunday you can play all those big earners for half their original buy-in!

15:00 GMT - Just Antes - Before: $11   Now: $5,50
15:30 GMT - Welllbet's Home Game - Before: $36   Now: $18,00
16:30 GMT - Orient Express - Before: $13,20   Now $6,60
17:30 GMT - Monte Carlo (8er-Tisch) - Before: $77  Now: $38,50

You see, there is everything to play for this weekend. Download PKR now and join me on this amazing 3D online poker site. The fastest growing site on the market! By using the promo code microgrinder you'll receive a first deposit bonus of 100% up to $800 and several tournament tickets as welcome gift.