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04 March 2011

Cocktail - Aqu Aqu

Today we'll be making ourself a little "Aqu Aqu", you'll ove it! As always, only use fresh ingredients or get a can of coke to drink... ;-)

Fill your tumbler to the top with ice and throw it in a blender.

5 cl Bacardi
3 cl Archers (Peach Snaps)
10 cl Pineapple Juice
2 cl Fresh Lime Juice
1 Ring of Pineapple (half if big)
1 Small hand of mint leaves

Blend it all well till it gets "mushy" and fill it into a cocktail glass or tumbler. Garnish with a slice of pineapple and serve.

- That's it, enjoy!

03 March 2011

PokerStars - Sunday Million 5th. Anniversary

On March 6th. PokerStars will celebrate the 5th. Anniversary of the famous "Sunday Million Tournament". To celebrate the anniversary of the worlds largest online tournament, PokerStars throws in an amazing $5.000.000 total prize pool with $1.000.000 guaranteed for the first and a Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 for the winner!

01 March 2011

PokerStars - Sunday 1/4 Million played

Ohh YES!

I've managed to finish 262nd. of 36381 players in the PokerStars 1/4 million tournament past sunday. I'm very pleased with this result. Specially as I tried to unregister from the tournament for about 30 minutes, which didn't work due to some issues with the PokerStars software. So it kinda "forced" me to play the tournament which was a very good thing...thanks PokerStars! ;-)

After the tournament was stuck for aprox. 30 minutes it basically started with blinds at 25/50 just before going up to 30/60. This caused some very weird play by a lot of players as everybody seemed very desperate to get them chips in. However, I kept back and I belive I've never played so tight in my life. At one point I was able to build up my stack to just under 300k, which again allowed me to sit back and wait for top draws to continue.

Cocktail - Apple Martini

Today we'll be making ourself a very popular cocktail, the "Apple Martini". To make things easy I will refer to the glasses as "Y-glass", "tumbler" or "highball glass" used to build your cocktail. In order to make quality cocktails you'll always need fresh ingredients such as fresh lime juice, fresh lemon juice and numerous syrup's. I recomment Monin as they are world leading in cocktail syrup's and are of very good quality.

Let's get started! Chill your Y-Glass with a few ice cubes and fill your big tumbler with iceto the top. Add the following ingredients to the tumbler:

4 cl Smirnoff Vodka
3 cl Monin Apple Sirup
1 cl Fresh Lime Juice
3 cl Apple Juice

Shake well, remove the ice from your Y-glass and pour your martini into the glass. Garnish with half a slice of a green or red apple..and you're done. Enjoy!